Board and Parent Council

Glenn school Board

The Glenn School Board oversees the policy and leadership of the school, subject to the overall direction of Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church.  It is also charged with supervising the fiscal health of the school.  The school board meets no less than four times a year.


Glenn School Parent Council

The Glenn School Parent Council coordinates the many committees that organize the various fundraisers and enrichment programs for the school.  We offer ample opportunities for parent involvement including serving on these committees, volunteering in the classes, and parenting workshops.  Each family is expected to participate in the fall and spring children’s Glenn Sales.  This very successful fundraiser supports the school’s Enrichment Fund which provides scholarships, furnishings for the classrooms,enrichment programs for children and adults, and supplements the operating budget.

The Glenn School Parent Council is headed by a President and President Elect and also elects a Secretary.  The Parent Council is composed of all the families of the Glenn School for Young Children.  It meets every other month and its purpose is to support the Glenn School through fundraising. It is responsible for establishing and running the various committees of the Parent Council including, but not limited to, The Glenn Sale Committee,Transportation Day, Book Fair, and Family Day.