Frequently Asked Questions


1.      What is the student / teacher ratio?

Toddlers        4:1                  Fours  9:1

Twos               6:1                  Fives  9:1

Threes 7.5:1                                                  


2.      Does the school provide snack?

A schedule is developed in which families are assigned specific weeks to provide snack for the class.


3.      Is there a curriculum for the Toddlers, and Twos?

Socializing with their peers is the main objective in the younger classes. Following a routine, learning to separate from mom and dad, and being introduced to basic concepts, such as shapes, colors, outside play, music, and unit based themes for the twos and under make for a full day.


Curriculum for the 3's, Pre-K’s, and Kindergarten?

Socialization and learning through play continues to be an important part of the day. The threes also incorporate music, art, thematic units, story time and basic skills into their morning. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes utilize a published curriculum for reading, handwriting, and mathematics.


4.      When will I know if my child is enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year?

Information will be sent to all parents relaying their child’s enrollment status by the end of March 2018.


5.      How often do children play outside?

We play outside every day, weather permitting.

Fellowship Hall is used for rainy day play.


6.      How is discipline handled?

Redirection, Rainbow Rules, and positive reinforcement


7.      What involvement is required of parents?

Glenn Sale (Fall and Spring)

Fall Workday

Other opportunities include: Room Parent, Parent Reader, Book Fair, Family Day, and Transportation City.