November 3, 2017


Dear Glenn Families:

Our first parent conferences are over and our goal is that you are aware of how unique and special your child is.  We treasure each student and marvel in their growth.  Our next scheduled conferences are in March, but a conference is always available whenever needed.

We had our first of several to come fire drills.  Paul, the Fire Safety Coordinator,  gave us a gold star.  I was very proud of the teachers and students!


We are always working to improve our parking issues.  Emory students who use the church/school parking are being ticketed or booted.  The construction workers who use our parking are another problem, but that is completely out of our hands.  Please be assured that you and your child are our top priority.  More information concerning parking will follow for the Thanksgiving program.


Glenn School has two FaceBook pages: private and public.  After discussing options with the teachers, staff, and School Board, a decision was reached to delete the private FaceBook page and only operate the public page.  The public page will allow us to make announcements and to also reach the community.  You may view this page @theglennschool.  Please remember to utilize our website for individual class information: ,  My Glenn School.  The password is glennfamily. 


Plans are underway to add some special programs to the Glenn School.  Once they are finalized, more information will be forthcoming.  Suggestions are always welcome.



1-17                                                                       Canned Food Drive

10                                                                           Spirit Day

17                                                                           Thanksgiving Program  11:00am  Family Event

20-24                                                                     School Closed  Happy Thanksgiving

30                                                                           Parent Council  9:15am  Parlor


See you in the Carpool Line,










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